Alan Copson


Artist Biography:

Alan is a travel photographer with 20 years’ experience of circling the globe in pursuit of the perfect image. While he has love photography since being allowed to use his father’s camera on childhood holidays, it was while travelling around Europe as a young adult that inspired him to follow a career in travel photography. Having initially worked at a London travel picture agency, he went freelance in 1995. His first commission was from a tour operator to photograph Bruges in Belgium. Since then, he has worked for a wide range of clients, as well as shooting personal work around the world in almost 50 countries. Recent highlights include: - North America – New York, Toronto and Quebec. - China – The Great Wall, Beijing and Shanghai. - Caribbean – Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua and British Virgin Islands. Though well-travelled, his favourite place to photograph is back home in London. “I always love shooting cities. The ever-changing skyline means there’s always something new to see and the landscape of the city is fantastic to shoot in the right light”.

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