Collection Caprice


Artist Biography:

Collection Caprice was set up in London in 2012 by three designers who share a passion for the Golden Age of poster design. Growing up in North London, Tom and Sara trained as graphic designers whilst Becky pursued her career in surface design and art history. Weekends would find them combing the street markets in Brick Lane and Camden for more posters to add to their collection. They had a particular interest in the evocative travel posters of the early 20th Century which celebrated the romance and escapism of luxury liners and long-distance air travel. As the collection grew they realized that they had an enormous resource of inspiration for their very own painting and design work and so Collection Caprice was born. They set up their design studio specifically to create 'the best of the present, inspired by the best of the past', and as the collection grows and changes so does their work. As Sara says, "we are so lucky to be doing something we all love based on beautiful design and craftsmanship and we never know where this passion will take us next!"

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