Waldemar Abegg


Artist Biography:

Born 14 June 1873 in Berlin. He studied law at Leipzig, Kiel, Freiburg, Strasbourg and Berlin Universities and gained is PhD in law in July 1896, aged only 23. In 1905 he embarked on a trip around the world, during which he took over 3000 photos. His journey took him to the far-flung shores of North America, Hawaii and Japan, China and Korea, as well as India, Indonesia and Ceylon. Abegg’s collection lets us admire the skyline of New York City, the rickshaw drivers of Japan, and the bustling platforms of the Indian railway network. Abegg managed to capture the world at a time of rapid change, caught on the cusp between tradition and modernity. Upon his return to Germany, many of Abegg’s photographs were lovingly hand-tinted in Berlin, adding a magical dimension to their already high documentary value. Abegg had a career in politics, becoming president of the Schleswig government in 1923. He retired in 1933 and died on 17 July 1971 in Hamburg.

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