Theo Van Doesburg


Artist Biography:

Van Doesburg was a Dutch painter and art theorist who had initially intended to work in theatre but pursued a career in painting in 1900. It was in fact Piet Mondrian’s work which encouraged Van Doesburg to paint geometric abstracts derived from nature and led to their friendship and subsequent creation of the art movement, De Stijl. In 1920, three years after De Stijl was founded, Van Doesburg focused his attention on the promotion of the art movement within Germany and France. A number of architects formed part of the De Stijl movement, which led to Van Doesburg’s many collaborations throughout his career, most notably his stained-glass window designs with Dutch architect J.J.P Oud. Following Van Doesburg and Mondrian’s disagreement in 1924, Van Doesburg went on to help in the formation of Abstraction- Création association, a collection of artists who advocated pure abstraction. It is said that the two artists later reconciled in 1929. Van Doesburg moved from Paris to Davos, Switzerland due to his declining health and passed away on the 7th March 1931. After his death his wife, the artist and pianist Nelly Van Doesburg, released the last issue of the De Stijl journal as a memorial for her late husband.

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