Eva Hjelte


Artist Biography:

Eva was born in Stockholm, Sweden, where she has lived and worked all her life. After graduating from Beckmans School of Design and Fashion Eva went on to work as a fashion designer until she found her passion within illustration. Her artwork explores nature, fashion and modern society, fashion being the backbones of her drawings. However Eva intertwines both subjects with nature as she has always felt very close to her surroundings, especially, growing up within rural country landscapes. Eva works with mixed media, with regards to her black ink illustrations mixed with splashes of colour they continue to be forte. This is also known as a stamp-technique that comes together with ink, watercolour and sharp pencil tips. Eva has won various awards for her artwork including gold and silver in the Swedish graphic/illustration competition Kolla. Additionally, winning a trip of a life time to New York, where she was given the opportunity to exhibit and tour with her artwork. Eva is a highly acclaimed illustrator and has worked with various book companies, her work can be found worldwide, also as wall décor.

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