Catriona Hall


Artist Biography:

Born in Hertfordshire in 1960, Catriona studied History of Art at Warwick University, Paper Conservation at Camberwell School of Art, Life Drawing at Baltimore Art School and a Foundation in Fine Art at Camden Art School. There is a naïve flavour to much of her work and she cites her influences as the Early Italians, Edward Bawden and Paul and John Nash and Egyptian hieroglyphics. She has lived in Egypt, America and Italy but now resides in the English countryside. She uses a limited colour palette, preferring earthy tones and likes to pare her subjects down to the bare essential shapes with minimal light and shading, giving them a certain flatness. She pays particular attention to fur and feather details so that her creatures are recognisable, albeit a little portly with unfeasibly short and slender legs. Her subjects predominantly are always whisker less. Catriona likes to mix up viewpoints and perspectives and often stands decorative gardens on end as if seen from above and employs the medieval technique of making the most important character the largest in her work so that scale is unrealistic and flexible.

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