Barbra Mann Myers


Artist Biography:

Barbra Mann Myers is a native of Newport News, Virginia. She studied at Newark School of Fine Arts in Newark, New Jersey. Her artistic positions included art director, illustrator and set design before focusing on fine art. Barbra creates her paintings using oils and mixed media that are layered on the canvas. Each layer is varnished, sanded and burnished. This process gives her work depth and enhances the texture. She follows the shapes of the texture allowing the painting to move on its own. “I try very hard to step back and see where the shapes fall and from there I create a sky, an abstract or a tree. I never really know. That’s the joy of it all,” said Myers. Her commissioned paintings and numerous gallery exhibitions have kept her involved in the art world for over 30 years. She has sold 100’s of original paintings including one to Oprah Winfrey!

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