Pat Moran


Artist Biography:

Pat Moran's philosophy is to paint the visual truth. She states: "The painting is only as good as its weakest point". Whatever her recipe for success, the fact is that Pat Moran is one of the most popular and admired floral artists of this day. Born in Victoria, Australia, Pat Moran spent many years as a secretary and personal assistant before embarking on full-time art study in 1977. Since her first one-man exhibition at the Thompsons Gallery in Hawthorn, she has held eight one-man shows and many more joint ones in locations ranging from Australia to Britain. 1991 saw the publication of her book "Painting The Beauty Of Flowers With Oils", which is used as a textbook in some art colleges and a further book on flower painting was published in 1999. Pat Moran's interest in encouraging beginner artists goes beyond her book; she completed a two-day lecture seminar at Burwood State College, which was attended by 300 participants and she tutored in portraiture at the Victorian Artists Society for six years. Her attention to detail at every stage of composition and execution begins with travels in the country collecting the best flowers in the season which are available, each one being carefully chosen for its size, colour and shape. Her large colourful florals have a lasting impact as well as instant appeal. Pat Moran has won many awards. Included in her list of accolades are two Camberwell Rotary Guild medals and the Alice Bale Overseas Study awards. Sadly Pat Moran died in 2017.

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