Andrea Tana


Artist Biography:

Andrea Tana is an American who grew up in California but who has lived in England for 20 years. Coming from an artistic family, she has always had an interest in painting, but did not discover her artistic abilities until abandoning her initial training in ballet for the sake of an early marriage and motherhood. Serious painting began to creep into her life at this stage, and since then her output has been prolific. Andrea Tana's house is very much a manifestation of her art and her personality. Each room has its own sharply-defined personality, whether it is her studio with endless miniature sets for still lifes and splashes of paint on the floor or the showroom to which she takes prospective clients, which is starkly elegant with unobtrusive white walls and self-effacing Oriental furniture. Andrea Tana's extensive and formative travelling includes a month spent in Mexico, a month in Paris, a trip to Morocco and a long stay in Yugoslavia. Her Californian breeding infuses her images with bold splashes of high colour, but her European travelling imposes itself too: Andrea Tana is much inspired by artists such as Dufy, Matisse and Modigliani. Her art also extends to ceramics, although her main interests are her floral, still life and portrait paintings. Andrea Tana's international exhibition portfolio since 1980 is impressive, ranging from London to Los Angeles. Her portrait commissions include Zandra Rhodes, Ivo Pogorelich and Michael Tilson Thomas. In the early 1980s she worked regularly at the distinguished etchings atelier, the Atelier Lacouriere Frelaut, with Robert Frelaut. A recent trekking journey in Peru has led to work with Greenpeace. Another important commission was to design 30 large oils on canvas for the Carnival Cruise Lines in Florida, and her recent successes include exhibitions at the Cadogan Gallery in London.

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