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Maurice Earley took his first railway photograph in 1922 and began a career as a railway photographer because he was not satisfied with the pictures currently available. He was granted a lineside permit by the Great Western Railway in 1925, giving him the opportunity to take photographs of GWR locomotives travelling at high speed and these made his name as a railway photographer. Many were taken at Sonning Cutting, Berkshire, near his Reading home, and this became one of Earley’s favourite locations. Earley co-founded the Railway Photographic Society in 1922 as its Honorary Secretary. Originally known as “The Railway Postal Photographic Club”, the basis of the organisation was the circulating portfolio into which members submitted their prints for constructive criticism by the remainder of the membership on the forms provided. The Society remained active for 54 years, throughout all this time under the helmsmanship of Maurice Earley, until the passing of steam on Britain’s railways, the popularity of the colour slide and the immense increase in postal charges made it clear to Earley that the time had come to close down the Society. During over half a century of non-stop activity, including the war years, the Railway Photographic Society had attracted many skilled railway photographers including C C B Herbert, Dr Pat Ransome-Wallis and Eric Treacy. Although the majority of his work illustrates the GWR locomotives and those of its successor, British Railways Western Region, Maurice Earley’s collection covers the locomotives and diesels of Southern, LMS and LNER as well as photographs of the SNCF locomotives in France. His work is characterised by high quality images of moving trains, workshop scenes and the railway infrastructure. Maurice Earley died in 1982.

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