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Rossana Novella was born in Buenos Aires and brought up in Barcelona, but now lives and works in the English countryside. As a child she spent her summers by the beach and her winters exploring the Pyrenees. Her first camera was given to her on her eighth birthday and she has not stopped taking photographs since then. She fell in love with the idea of becoming a professional photographer when, as a child, she was staying at a friend’s house in Holland with its own darkroom. She has never forgotten her first fascination with the whole idea of printing one’s own images and, although the romantic idea of the darkroom is practically non-existent now, she is still absorbed by the creative process of photography. Rossana Novella’s mother is an artist and is a great inspiration to her, constantly full of creative ideas. She was brought up in a creative, Bohemian environment in Barcelona in the 1970s, surrounded by artistic friends of her parents, frequently attending art exhibitions and always being encouraged to paint or take photographs. Today she creates vintage-style photographic images, inspired in part by the countless old family photographs stored in boxes in her loft. She uses both vintage cameras and contemporary ones, and Polaroids on occasion for effect. Away from her career she travels as much as possible, exploring the world and finding new experiences. She enjoys Sunday afternoon movie outings, yoga, cycling and tennis.

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