'Trafalgar' and 'Meteorite' by Samuel Henry Alken


'Trafalgar' and 'Meteorite'


Samuel Henry Alken

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`Trafalgar` was a famous 19th century racehorse. Here, the artist has captured the intensity and powerfulness of a race between two thoroughbreds, which was known as a Match. The Match was a race between two horses over a set distance and piece of land. You can see in the background how many of those interested in the Match would follow on horseback in order to see the result and often for them, the result of their wagers. The horse on the far side ahead by a neck, depicts the jockey looking at his opponent and the viewer is left to wonder about the result of the jockey on the horse in the foreground, with his whip raised to give his steed extra impetus, possibly to make one last effort.