Aca Aracanga by Jacques Barraband


Aca Aracanga


Jacques Barraband

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Image Size 17" x 23" (43 x 58 cm)
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Barraband’s most important work was the series of around 300 drawings which he completed for the three renowned ornithological monographs by the scientist François Levaillant. These were the Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis et des Rolliers (birds of paradise), the Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets (parrots) and the Histoire Naturelle des Promerops (toucans). All three monographs were published at the turn of the nineteenth century and proved to be a landmark in ornithological publication because, in part at least, of quality and the sumptuous nature of the colour plates which were included. At the turn of the 19th Century, Levaillant was one of the new breed of scientists who began to travel the world to explore the natural habitats of the animals and birds which they studied. Increasingly these scientists worked in partnership with artists who were able to portray their discoveries, and Barraband’s enormous technical ability added considerably to the importance, and accessibility, of Levaillant’s scientific work. The Ara Canga is also known as the Ara Macao, or the Scarlet Macaw. Considered by many to be amongst the most beautiful birds in the world, the Scarlet Macaw is native to humid evergreen forests in the American tropics, ranging from southern Mexico to Amazonian Brazil. The birds can live for up to 75 years and eat mainly fruits and seeds. Their squawks and screams carry for many miles and, as with many Macaws, the bird is now endangered by habitat destruction.