A Hindu Temple in the Fort Of Rohtas by Thomas and William Daniell


A Hindu Temple in the Fort Of Rohtas


Thomas and William Daniell

Ref GM1766
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 15" x 9" (38 x 23 cm)
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The Fort at Rohtas in Bihar was taken from its former Hindu rulers by Sher Shah Suri in 1539. Subsequently used by the Mughals, it came into British possession in 1764. The Daniells visited it in February 1790; they were extremely impressed both by its dramatic location and by the ancient buildings within it, and they made an unusually large number of drawings of the site. One of the buildings within the Fort of Rohtas which particularly attracted the Daniells was this small Hindu temple. This watercolour has been put to some remarkable uses. It was used by Thomas Daniell as the inspiration for his design for a monument-cum-temple built in honour of Warren Hastings, commissioned by Major John Osborne, of Melchet Park in Wiltshire, in 1800.