Major T. Bouch and the Belvoir Hounds by Sir Alfred Munnings


Major T. Bouch and the Belvoir Hounds


Sir Alfred Munnings

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Early in the 1920s, Munnings was invited by the Master of the Belvoir Hounds, Major Tommy Bouch, to stay with him at Woolsthorpe, his family home, where he was to work on a series of paintings of the Belvoir Hounds. Munnings's autobiography records the weeks of hunting and partying at Woolsthorpe with enormous pleasure and this painting of the Master, in his boots with the distinctive flesh-coloured tops, was the culmination of his stay. Major Bouch posed for the picture on a saddle-horse against the huge north window on the Woolsthorpe staircase, which provided Munnings with perfect light. The real horse, named Kiltie, was painted in later and Munnings chose him as a suitable subject because he had a mane, rather than the disfiguring hog-mane which was the fashion at the time.