Japan, 1616 by Petrus Bertius


Japan, 1616


Petrus Bertius

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The earliest appearances on European printed maps of the Far East were based for the greater part on myth and legend. The few travellers who returned to report information were not map makers and the distances travelled increased the unreliability of their estimations. In addition, the currently held belief that the earth's size was smaller than is actually the case, led to a picture of the Pacific Ocean and Eastern Asia being much narrower than they really are and with all this confusion concerning the North Pacific regions and the possibility of a land bridge between Asia and America, this resulted in Japan being shown at numerous different locations from mid Pacific to off the West Coast of North America. The first atlas map of Japan was made by Ortelius when he included a map by the Portuguese Jesuit, Luis Teixeira in his atlas of 1595. In addition, the cartographic development of Japan was somewhat hindered by its self imposed isolationist policy from 1640.