A Trout Rising by Joseph Crawhall


A Trout Rising


Joseph Crawhall

Ref GM412
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 18" x 12" (46 x 30 cm)
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Painted in watercolour on linen, A Trout Rising is typical of Joseph Crawhall’s delicate and refined painting style. It is now held at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. Whilst studying in London, Crawhall was influenced by the work of the Scottish painter E A Walton. With both Walton and James Guthrie, Crawhall became one of the leading watercolour painters amongst the Glasgow Boys and he is associated today particularly with his refined, charming paintings of wildlife, including both animals and birds. His technique also owes a great deal to the contemporary work of Whistler and to Japanese prints; both these influences can be seen clearly in the brushstrokes of this delicate piece. The dimensions of the original painting are 28” x 39”.