A New and Accurate Map of the World, 1627-1651 by John Speed


A New and Accurate Map of the World, 1627-1651


John Speed

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A fine example of the first edition of one of the most famous and sought after world maps. The map is significant as appearing in the first world atlas produced in England, and is, in its first edition as here, the earliest world map available to collectors now to show the famous misconception of California as an island. Amongst other cartographic features of interest the map illustrates the fading coastlines of the Great Southern Continent where the name 'beach' defines the area of Australia; Korea appears as an island; and no great lakes appear in North America. The plate is also remarkable for the mass of decoration and information including allegorical figures representing the four elements- Water, Earth, Fire and 'Aire'; diagrams of 'heavens and elements', eclipses, celestial hemispheres and portraits of the circumnavigators - Drake, Cavendish, Magellan and Van Noort. John Speeds map is a compendium of information and was published in his 'Prospect of the most famous parts of the World'. In very attractive colour this is a strong early printing of one of the best known and most important of English world maps.