Breaking out the Royals by Montague Dawson


Breaking out the Royals


Montague Dawson

Ref GM803
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 28" x 20" (71 x 50 cm)
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Deep sea sailors can study a Dawson painting and tell you what ocean, latitude and the season the artist had depicted, all from the colour of the water and the run of the waves, so accurate was his eye. Montague Dawson could portray the magnificent ‘tea-clipper’ ships under full sail in all the ‘veritable clouds of canvas’ like no other. He alone seemed to have achieved the ability to paint a ship under press of sail and put it in the water with apparent ease and startling accuracy. H.M.S. “Victory”, the oldest warship in the world still in commission, is undoubtedly the most famous vessel in the long history of the Royal Navy; what is often forgotten however, is that when she found her immortality at Trafalgar in 1805, she was forty years old and had already had a more illustrious career than most of the other first rates in the fleet at that time. In this spectacular portrait, Dawson shows her cutting easily through the heavy swell under full sail. By the standards of the time, “Victory” was considered a fast ship and with the wind in her favour and with her stun’ sails out to catch every breath of that wind, she looks more like a thoroughbred clipper here than a great ship-of-war.