Hope by Herbert Dicksee




Herbert Dicksee

Ref GM876
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 28" x 20" (71 x 50 cm)
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Herbert Dicksee and his family owned a variety of different breeds of dogs which enabled him to paint them from life, such as “Scotties”. The two dogs depicted in this painting are Scotties, formally known as Scottish terriers. This small breed originated in Scotland and was bred to hunt vermin on farms and chase foxes and badgers in the Scottish Highlands. In the seventeenth century King James IV of Scotland (later James I of England) sent six terriers to the French Monarchy as a gift and thus increased their popularity dramatically. The terriers sent to France were thought to be the predecessors of Scotties as, only at the end of the nineteenth century, the Scottish terrier was divided into an official breed from the Skye terrier. Despite the small distinctive shape of the Scottish terrier, they are surprisingly agile, strong and active. They have a wiry haired outercoat with a soft dense undercoat and prominent eyebrows and moustaches. Scottish terriers are known for their intelligent nature whilst being territorial, alert and loyal to their family. They are also regarded as independent and courageous with a playful temperament, ultimately proving to be a fantastic companion, and it is know that Franklin D Roosevelt rarely went anywhere without his Scottish terrier.