Patience by Herbert Dicksee




Herbert Dicksee

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Patience was first published by Frost & Reed as an etching in 1922. The subject depicts a deerhound and a terrier waiting. The viewer is left to use their imagination as to how the story will continue. Many of Dicksee's paintings are based on his own deerhound, Sir Brian, who was exhibited at Crufts in 1892. Although he painted the breed throughout his life, there are actually notable similarities between Dicksee's deerhound paintings of the 1890's and those of the 1920's. Sir Brian was born in 1889 and obviously long dead by the time of the latter portraits but his spirit obviously lived on. They were often described as Irish Wolfhounds which is incorrect and it is thought that dealers sold the paintings, and subsequent engravings, as this particular breed because there were more wolfhound owners in circulation, so they could charge a higher price!