The Punch and Judy Show by Arthur Elsley


The Punch and Judy Show


Arthur Elsley

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This painting depicts various characters, the man wearing a policeman's outfit, borrowed from a relative, ran the W.H. Smith newspaper barrow at the end of the road. The drum man, wearing the bowler hat, was well known for 'propping up the bar' at the local pub. The bearded man, holding a striped cane on the left of the crowd was Mr. Cox, a local character who lived at 112 Sixth Avenue, Queens Park. He was nick-named 'Slopper', and his job was to put down straw to deaden the noise of horses' hooves and help their grip on the cobbled street at the end of Queens Road, where Elsley lived. He also shovelled up mud and kept the street clean. For his labours, coachmen would toss him small change. The old man with an arm on his hip was Mr. Gooderam who appeared as the shepherd in Rescued, 1911. The bearded man wearing a cap was the local carpenter who lived in the next street. The dee gee on the ground belonged to Marjorie, Elsley's daughter, and featured in Won't You Fix My Horse Too, 1912. Marjorie's cousin, Frances Everett, is the girl, bottom left, holding the slate. This work was probably painted partly at Barton-on-Sea.