The Balinese Dancer by Vladimir Tretchikoff


The Balinese Dancer


Vladimir Tretchikoff

Ref GM1698
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 24" x 48" (60 x 122 cm)
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All the mystic fascination of the women of the Orient has been captured in this image. The baffling subtlety of the expression contains all that the mind of the West finds difficult to grasp in Eastern passivity of purpose. The iridescent hues of the Balinese Dancer reflect Tretchikoff's experimentation with the possibilities of his colour palette: the green-blue patina-like effect of the sitter's face is uncanny, heightening the red of her lips and framed by her lustrous dark hair. The deftly-handled golden hues and decorative detail of her dress and head dress emerge from the background. Notably, the combination of lustrous golden silk and the blue-sheen of the model's skin combine to produce an otherworldly glow: a luminescence that is the leitmotif of Tretchikoff's best works. Tretchikoff found that people like to have colour in their lives, especially women, who are often moved to tears by colour alone. There is no secret in his colour application - he uses pure colours to combine on the canvas rather than mixing them on the palette beforehand.