Lady Of Ndebele by Vladimir Tretchikoff


Lady Of Ndebele


Vladimir Tretchikoff

Ref GM1694
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 28" x 22" (71 x 56 cm)
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This South African tribe were originally related to the Zulus and their history can be traced back to the late 1500's. The tribe is now divided into two distinct sections, being the Manala, who live to the North of modern day Pretoria, and the Ndzundza, who live to the East and South. Although eventually the tribe suffered a massive defeat in the mid 1880's in a war against the Boers, they still retain their cultural identity and unity. Ndebele women traditionally adorn themselves with a variety of ornaments, each symbolising her status in society and, in this painting, Tretchikoff captured the beauty and power of a tribal lady in his adopted country.