Studies of Pixie, An Exmoor Foal by Sir Alfred Munnings


Studies of Pixie, An Exmoor Foal


Sir Alfred Munnings

Ref GM2883
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 20" x 16" (50 x 40 cm)
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‘Studies Of Pixie, An Exmoor Foal’ was painted by Sir Alfred Munnings, a renowned twentieth century British artist. Munnings had a keen passion for horses and this is reflected in his exquisite paintings, of which the majority depict magnificent equestrian scenes. This study of Pixie, an Exmoor foal shows how Munnings would practise his technique. Pixie is portrayed in different angles in simple and expressive paint strokes. The Exmoor pony is a horse breed native to the British Isles, where some still roam as semi-feral livestock on Exmoor, a large area of moorland in Devon and Somerset in southwest England. The Exmoor has been given "endangered" status by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, and "threatened" status by The Livestock Conservancy. It is one of the British Isles' mountain and moorland pony breeds, having conformation similar to that of other cold-weather-adapted pony breeds. The Exmoor pony is hardy and used for a variety of equestrian activities. In its free-roaming state, the breed's presence on Exmoor contributes to the conservation and management of several natural pasture habitats.