Black Grouse in Winter by Archibald Thorburn


Black Grouse in Winter


Archibald Thorburn

Ref GM913
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 28" x 20" (71 x 50 cm)
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Black Grouse is a declining species in Western Europe and is found in the Swiss Italian and French Alps and also in Great Britain through Scandinavia into Russia. The tails of black cocks have, since late Victorian times, been popular adornment for hats worn with highland dress, and are also utilised in full dress head gear by a number of Scottish Regiments. The black grouse is a large bird, with males being around 21" long and females approximately 16" in length. The cock is very distinctive with black plumage, apart from red wattles and a white wing bar and a lyre shaped tail, which appears forked in flight. Thorburn captures the bird in its habitat quite brilliantly.