Against The Wind And Open Sky by Herbert Dicksee


Against The Wind And Open Sky


Herbert Dicksee

Ref GM1270
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 26" x 12" (65 x 30 cm)
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Against the Wind and Open Sky’ is a historical genre scene by Herbert Dicksee. It depicts three shire horses ploughing a field. The plough is a tool (or machine) used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in preparation for sowing seed or planting to loosen or turn the soil. Ploughs were traditionally drawn by working animals such as horses or cattle, but in modern times may be drawn by tractors. A plough may be made of wood, iron, or steel. It has been a basic instrument for most of recorded history, and represents one of the major advances in agriculture. The man directing the plough at the back is dressed in traditional farming attire and there is a young boy directing the horses at the front. The boy looks very small in comparison to the large strong horses. A couple of crows in the foreground are scavenging from the freshly ploughed soil and taking advantage of the easy pickings. There are also many other crows depicted circling above the field.