A Breton Window by Raymond Wintz


A Breton Window


Raymond Wintz

Ref GM1405
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 18" x 24" (46 x 60 cm)
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‘A Breton Window’ contains many of Wintz’s typical themes and motifs: a partially seen room with an open window overlooking a harbour and a vase containing flowers in the foreground. The style in which Raymond Wintz painted can be broadly termed ‘realism’, although a slight leaning towards impressionism has been noted. Most of Wintz’s paintings are of Brittany. He may have been attracted to the Brittany locations because of the quality of the light. He has been called ‘the painter of light’ and in this work the light is pouring through the door from a beautiful summer’s day. Wintz’s works were described as 'nostalgic' even in the 1950s. To a modern day audience his paintings may evoke childhood memories of holidays on the coast. The continuing popularity of Wintz’s paintings of open windows may be because it typifies the kind of view that people want from their front window.