Gone Away from Bailby Wood by Cecil Aldin


Gone Away from Bailby Wood


Cecil Aldin

Ref GM653
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 15" x 8" (38 x 19 cm)
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Cecil Aldin is an exceedingly prominent sporting artist of the early twentieth century, particularly renowned for his sketches and paintings of hunting scenes. He was a keen huntsman and was known to sketch from the saddle of a horse amidst a hunt in order to accurately capture the action. “Gone Away from Bailby Wood” illustrates Aldin’s interest in hunting and the composition focuses on the pack of hounds in the midst of a hunt. The hounds are jumping over a fence and are sprinting in the chase. The huntsman’s vibrant red jacket is striking in the distance against the neutral colours of the countryside. This image evidently depicts the motion and powerful exertion of both the huntsman and the hounds. The athletic stretched limbs of the dogs enhance the sense of urgency and movement which is an accurate portrayal of a typical English hunting scene.