The Approach Of Night by James Gozzard


The Approach Of Night


James Gozzard

Ref GM1100
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 48" x 24" (122 x 60 cm)
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This painting by James Walter Gozzard has been executed in fine detail, Approach of Night features a realist rendition of a man and two horses riding towards a country hamlet with a windmill on a dirt road, against a stormy sky. Cottages sit either side of the windmill up ahead and the trees seem bare, Gozzard emphasizes on the weather and scene submerging the man on his horse. The windmill is a prominent highlight within this landscape as the stormy evening sky swerves up and around it heading deeper into the forest beyond the muddy path. Gozzards name today survives principally on the strength of his rural landscapes and moonlit scenes.