Calm After The Storm by James Gozzard


Calm After The Storm


James Gozzard

Ref GM1101
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 48" x 24" (122 x 60 cm)
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This painting by James Walter Gozzard has been executed in fine detail, ‘Calm after the Storm’ features a realist rendition of a man and small child walking back from a long day’s work with hay stacked on his back, not far behind him you can see a another person riding on a cart with a horse. As they walk down the muddy road that lights up beneath them, waiting for the rain to fall, the farmers rush home. Cottages sit either side of the road, Gozzard creates a sense of warmth by lighting up the windows within the homes to show that as dark and restless the landscape may look people are home, waiting for their families to arrive. Gozzards name today survives principally on the strength of his rural landscapes and moonlit scenes.