Champs de Tulipes by Claude Monet


Champs de Tulipes


Claude Monet

Ref GM2238
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 28" x 22" (71 x 56 cm)
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During a stay in The Hague, Netherlands in Spring 1886, Monet painted the tulip fields closed to Sassenheim between Leiden and Lisse, dominated by a polder windmill. Monet found in the region bright landscapes which enabled him to explore the potential of plein-air painting. Monet was enchanted by the vibrancy of the fields but found it maddening to render. This painting reveals Monet's passion for colour. With dabs of red, he scatters the blooms in a natural profusion across the lush fields giving an impression of a landscape. Nothing here is painted exactly; rather, everything is suggested. Monet unforgettably evokes a mood by choosing these shades of green and red. This painting also depicts a windmill, which is a machine that converts the energy of wind into rotational energy by means of vanes called sails or blades. The reason for the name "windmill" is that the devices originally were developed for milling grain for food production; the name stuck when in the course of history, windmill machinery was adapted to supply power for many industrial and agricultural needs other than milling.