Dance in the Country 1883 by Pierre Auguste Renoir


Dance in the Country 1883


Pierre Auguste Renoir

Ref GM2227
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 18" x 36" (46 x 90 cm)
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Renoir liked dance scenes. This painting was designed as a pair with Dance in the City: the format is identical and the almost life-size figures represent two different, even opposite, aspects of dancing. The elegant restraint of the city dancers and the cool ballroom demonstrated in Dance in the City contrasts with the gaiety of the country dance in the open air in this image. Dance in the Country depicts a couple dancing under a chestnut tree: the man is Paul Lhôte, a friend of the painter, and the woman is Aline Charigot, who later became the wife of the painter. Both figures are painted life-size and occupy almost the entire painting. The couple swept away by the music seems to have left a disorderly table, a carelessness accentuated by the hat dropped in the foreground. The woman, who holds a fan in her right hand, displays a smiling face and looks towards the viewer. The scene is bathed in a bright and cheerful atmosphere. This painting was commissioned in 1882 by the merchant Paul Durand-Ruel, who wanted works on the theme of the ball. He exhibited it for the first time in April 1883, and kept it until Renoir’s death in 1919. This painting marks a change in Renoir’s technique. The drawing is more precise and the simplification of the palette contrasts sharply with the vibrant brushstrokes of his earlier works. Renoir himself admitted that a keener attention to drawing was the result of a need for change he felt after seeing Raphael’s works during a trip to Italy in 1881.