Cerbero by Johann Georg de Hamilton




Johann Georg de Hamilton

Ref GM619
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 24" x 18" (60 x 46 cm)
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The horses in the present pictures are from the famous stud of the Princes of Liechtenstein at Eisgrub, in Bohemia (now Lednice, Czech Republic). The stud, regarded as the finest in Europe, was built up systematically and with great technical knowledge by Prince Karl-Eusebius (1611-1684), whose himself wrote treatises on a wide range of subjects, including on harness and stud-farm rules, equine medication and the rules of hunting. The present portraits are two of a number commissioned from Hamilton by the Prince of Liechtenstein for the Garden Palace in vienna. They were subsequently moved to a specially built gallery at Schloss Feldsberg, the early Baroque palace on the Austrian-Moravian border. Hamilton had earlier, in 1700, been commissioned to paint six portraits of horses from the Eisgrub stables, the backgrounds for which were subsequently added by Anton Faistenberger in 1707. De Hamilton specialised in painting the portraits of horses in the Imperial and Ducal stables. The present horse is a stallion since mares where not trained in the 18th Century and possibly a Lippizaner. Lippizaner horses were bred and trained in Vienna and, as they were smart and docile, they were often used for dressage.