Breakfast At Tiffany's I by The Chelsea Collection


Breakfast At Tiffany's I


The Chelsea Collection

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This image epitomises the golden age of romantic comedy cinema. There is often a fairytale essence to these films and Audrey created such delightful characters that you can't help but fall in love with her too. A glittering evening, cigarette holder in hand, bejewelled and in a chic black evening dress, Audrey’s role as an eccentric and delightful society girl is vividly portrayed in this classic photograph. Like all the truly great stars of this classic period the camera loved Audrey. Many years after this moment was captured she has found a new audience with a different generation who are once again captivated by her acting talent, innocent charm and effortless sense of chic. She has become one of the greatest style icons of our times and is recognised and loved all over the world. Audrey continues to inspire the world of fashion, film and photography because she has a timeless appeal that speaks to us all.