Cathedrals Express by Terence Cuneo


Cathedrals Express


Terence Cuneo

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This painting by Cuneo shows the steam train Cathedrals Express ‘7029 Clun Castle’ on the GWR Paddington to Worcester line climbing up the steep Chipping Camden Bank. 7029 Clun Castle was built to the Great Western Railway Castle Class design by the Western Region of British Railways at Swindon Works in May 1950 and was named after Clun Castle. The Cathedrals Express still does tours around the United Kingdom and Europe that evoke memories of a bygone age of the steam train. Cuneo’s trademark in his paintings after 1956 was a small mouse (sometimes lifelike, sometimes cartoon-like). They can be difficult to detect, and many people enjoy scouring his paintings to find one. As a clue, look on top of the shed.