A Select Committee by Henry Stacy-Marks


A Select Committee


Henry Stacy-Marks

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Henry Stacy Marks took a particular interest in the painting of birds, and A Select Committee is possibly his best-known painting, though the 12 bird panels which he produced for Hugh Grosvenor, the 1st Duke of Westminster, are also well-known. Most of his bird paintings are watercolours and many were exhibited at the Old Watercolour Society or at the Fine Art Society. A Select Committee</i> was painted in 1891 and now hangs in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. It is a colourful portrayal of a gathering of parrots, wittily satirising parliamentary meetings of the time. Marks was passionate about birds, which he referred to as “creatures second only to women in beauty, of such gorgeous colour and form”. This painting is a good example of Stacy Marks’s frequent anthropomorphism, or tendency to give non-human beings human characteristics.