Boating At Giverny by Claude Monet


Boating At Giverny


Claude Monet

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In 1883, middle-aged Claude Monet, his wife Alice Hoschedé, and their eight children from two families settled into a farmhouse in Giverny, west of Paris. He built a pastoral paradise complete with a Japanese garden and a pond full of floating lilies. Claude Monet completed The Boat at Giverny in 1887. It depicts Alice’s daughters on the river in his rowboat in the summer. The location is beautiful, full of green foliage that blends into the water. The girls look angelic in their pale dresses while they float along the river peacefully. In this painting the girls are fishing but there are different versions that depict the girls simply relaxing in the warmth of the sun. The elements of light and colour are an important part of the painting. Monet was able to show the reflections of the girls and surrounding greenery on the pond by using brighter shades amongst the dark shades of the water. Because of his fascination with water, reflections, light, and the atmosphere that they all created, he tried hard to grasp it in his art. It was an experiment in capturing nature, and the Impressionists were very interested in experimenting. He was trying to grasp the effects of nature with paint and canvas, and he accomplished it.