In a Summer Meadow by Claude Monet


In a Summer Meadow


Claude Monet

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Image Size 32" x 24" (81 x 60 cm)
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Monet painted this type of subject on numerous occasions. In the spring of 1874, Monet, together with some of his artist friends, exhibited works rejected by the official `Salon` in rooms belonging to the photographer Nadar in Paris. A newspaper critic referring to one of Monet`s `Sunrise` pictures, mockingly coined the term `Impressionists`. The artists, Renoir, Manet and Monet, together with their friends, readily took-on this name and painted often at Argenteuil, just outside Paris. Monet`s interest was solely in conveying an impression rather than a realistic painting and in a further Exhibition at Nadars in 1876, the writer Émile Zola singled-out a similar work for particular praise.