Church of Redentore by J.M.W. Turner


Church of Redentore


J.M.W. Turner

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Image Size 31" x 20" (79 x 50 cm)
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Il Redentore, is a 16th-century Roman Catholic church and is one of the most important examples of Palladian religious architecture. Located on the waterfront of the Canale della Giudecca, Venice it dominates the skyline of the island of Giudecca. It is a member of the Chorus Association of Venetian churches. It was designed by the architect Andrea Palladio and built as a votive church to thank God for the deliverance of the city from a major outbreak of the plague. Of all the places Turner visited, it was perhaps Venice that most captivated his imagination. The magical light and shimmering play of reflections in waterways and against marble buildings, together with the decaying grandeur of this once powerful empire, seduced many British travellers, whose patronage sustained a thriving business of painting Venetian views. Turner’s standard practice was to make preparatory pencil sketches in notebooks and take them back to his studio to make the final version.