Budding Spring by Daniel Sherrin


Budding Spring


Daniel Sherrin

Ref GM2536
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 32" x 24" (81 x 60 cm)
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In "Budding Spring", artist Daniel Sherrin has provided a peaceful tranquility in an English country woodland. The trees are prominent in the composition, welcoming the viewer to the lush green vegetation so prevalent in the English countryside. Sherrin has captured a vibrant and embracing scene with bluebells on the ground on both sides of a path for as far as the eye can see. As a species bluebells have adapted to woodlands, the young shoots are able to penetrate through a thick layer of leaf litter, and bluebells are often used as an indicator species to identify ancient woodland. In the United Kingdom, an ancient woodland is a woodland that has existed continuously since 1600 or before in England and Wales (or 1750 in Scotland). Before those dates, planting of new woodland was uncommon, so a wood present in 1600 was likely to have developed naturally.