Cracker Is An Ass by Cecil Aldin


Cracker Is An Ass


Cecil Aldin

Ref GM640
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 12" x 16" (30 x 40 cm)
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In the introduction to his popular book “An Artist’s Models” in September 1930, Cecil Aldin commented: “A professional artist’s model is generally paid by the day or hour in coin or paper of the realm. My professionals are paid for their work with free board and lodging, two walks a day and an annual holiday on Exmoor. For this they have to pose when required, and to remain quiet in the workshop when other visiting models are sitting. On no account are they allowed to be unpleasant to any canine strangers who may appear in the studio for business purposes. This, as partners in the firm, they fully understand.” Cracker the Bull Terrier featured famously with the gigantic Irish Wolfhound Micky in Aldin’s book “Sleeping Partners”, which was originally published in 1929. “Sleeping Partners” features sketches of Cracker and Micky on Cecil Aldin’s studio sofa, as the two dogs try to find a mutually comfortable way of sharing the limited space available. If Cracker and Micky were a double act, the gentle and good-natured Micky was probably the “straight man”. Cracker’s comical disposition generally left Micky trying to accommodate his smaller companion’s charms and eccentricities. Thanks to dozens of magazine and newspaper illustrations, plus a series of extremely successful books, Cracker became one of the most celebrated dogs in the world. He was almost entirely white, with the exception of a cheerful black patch above one eye, which gave him the slightly dissolute appearance to which he fully lived up. When Cracker died, he was famous enough to receive his own obituary in “The Times”.