Cannon off the White by Lionel Edwards


Cannon off the White


Lionel Edwards

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This humorous print is a fine example of the engaging style of Lionel Edwards, among the twentieth century’s greatest sporting artists. The touch of a hunting expert is unmistakeable: Edwards hunted keenly throughout his adult life, and his unbridled enthusiasm for field sports allowed him to portray them with a warm sensitivity that renders his work entirely unique. This light-hearted work was executed in 1903, when Edwards was just 25. That year he was to leave London, after a six-year stay, to live in his mother’s house in north Wales, where he remained until his marriage two years later. His time in London had been demanding, with financial problems often arising; but the period proved productive. In his back room studio in Kensington, sublet to him by an artist cousin, Edwards worked for hours on end, honing the skills that were to bring him such great recognition as his career progressed. His hunting career was also on the rise at this time. In 1902, his brother Fitz returned from a military posting in India, and bought a pair of horses. The two brothers took the horses to Porlock, Somerset, where they engaged in stag hunting with great energy. It was around this time that Edwards began to develop the characteristic style which later brought him such success, eschewing the Continental predilection for scenes of the kill: in his eyes, the great British masters of sporting art “all depicted the human element as their subject, or else horse and hound – the quarry being merely an accessory. The stressing of death of the hunted animal is foreign to the ideas of English sportsmen.” Edwards’ attraction to the lighter side of hunting is wonderfully manifested in this scene, the irreverent pun in its title highlighting the rich humour central to so much of the artist’s work.