Charles Robison by Julius Caesar Ibbetson


Charles Robison


Julius Caesar Ibbetson

Ref GC387
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 20" x 30" (50 x 76 cm)
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This striking painting depicts Charles Knowles Robison, later a member of the House of Lords and an important figure in Imperial India, skating on the pond at Craiglockhart, Edinburgh, in the early nineteenth century. It is a wonderful demonstration of Ibbetson’s artistic skill, combining his vibrant interpretation of the human form with a characteristically evocative depiction of a sublime landscape. Ibbetson first visited Edinburgh in the summer of 1800. His main purpose in going was to join the art dealer Thomas Vernon, who had arranged an exhibition of paintings there, and was anxious for Ibbetson’s introduction to the patrons of art in the city. Along with Vernon’s assertion that this was “such a collection of pictures, of the first class, as were never before exhibited in this respectable metropolis”, Ibbetson’s influence ensured that the exhibition was a great success. This was an exciting time to be in Edinburgh, with balls, concerts and plays to suit all tastes. National contests of Highland pipers vied with Hadyn’s Creation, produced by the London Opera Orchestra, while the great actor John Kemble appeared as Hamlet, Jaques and King Lear in the space of a single week. Ibbetson enjoyed a most productive spell during his three-month stay, and was commissioned to produce a number of illustrations to accompany the poems of Robert Burns, who had died four years previously.