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Robert Furber

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Robert Furber (1674 - 1756) was a British horticulturist and author and is best known for writing the first seed catalogue produced in England. Furber was a member of the English Society of Gardeners, which was formed in 1724, to protect the reputations of plant growers by mutually agreeing to names for newly discovered plants. Furber contributed to the groups work, including collaborating on a book documenting the plants which were discovered and subsequently named by the group. Furber's most notable work was 12 Months of Flowers published in 1730. The book was written as a catalogue of plants and seeds and featured 12 detailed engravings of seasonal plants in bloom. Henry Fletcher produced each of the 12 hand coloured engravings from paintings produced by Pieter Casteels. Each plant was numbered with a list of the corresponding species names provided and in total, over the 12 months, more than 400 different plants were featured. The engraved plates were originally sold on a subscription basis for £1.5s.0d in uncoloured form or £2.12s.6d for a coloured version. In 1732, Furber produced a follow up work entitled 12 Months of Fruit which, like the previous collection of flowers, featured 12 full coloured plates, this time with 364 different fruits.