An Irish Point-To-Point by Snaffles


An Irish Point-To-Point



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Two major versions of this print, with many variations, were published over an eighteen-month period around 1913. They are the rarest of Snaffles’ major prints, and the most valuable. As well as the spectacular centrepiece, the print includes a number of charming vignettes, with superbly evocative captions, notably: “A loikely place for a carpse”; “The Top-hat Trick”; and “Are yer ready? Go! – and heaven be with you”. Ireland has a history of equestrian sport as rich as that of any country in the world, and it is unsurprising that Snaffles chose to add it to his list of settings. Some have speculated that Snaffles had never been to Ireland at the time of this print’s execution; however, it seems clear that he did in fact visit the country in the spring of 1913. While in Ireland, Snaffles visited the famous Punchestown Racecourse, and followed a hunt of the Meath Hounds; the latter apparently on foot, for the historian of the Meath Hounds can find no record of his ever having hunted with them. These two sketches became the basis of the prints which were published by Fores Gallery of Piccadilly.