Blanchisseuse I by Boscoe Holder


Blanchisseuse I


Boscoe Holder

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Image Size 30" x 24" (76 x 60 cm)
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Blanchisseuse is a village in Trinidad situated midway along the North Coast and on the northern slope of the Northern Range. This village with a French name was settled by the French in 1783 and Captain Frederick Mallet who was charting and surveying the Island of Trinidad following its capitulation to the British in 1797, was told that the village had no name. Observing the women washing clothes in the river, he simply wrote on his survey chart `Ladies River` and later the settlers called the place after the washer-women the surveyor had seen, Blanchisseuse being the French word for `washer-woman`. It was a very popular beach with the locals and quite beautiful in its environment.