Cheetah and Stag With Two Indians by George Stubbs


Cheetah and Stag With Two Indians


George Stubbs

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Cheetah and Stag with Two Indians was painted by Stubbs in approximately 1765, and marks the gift to King George III of a cheetah by George Pigot, then Governor of Madras. King George gave the cheetah to his uncle, the Duke of Cumberland, who was then the Ranger at Windsor, where he kept a menagerie. The Duke decided to stage an experiment in Windsor Great Park at 12:00 o’clock on Saturday 30 June 1764, to watch a cheetah in action attacking its prey. He therefore placed the cat in a netted enclosure containing a stag, but unexpectedly the cheetah was tossed into the air by the stag and fled from the net into some woods, where it killed a fallow deer instead. Despite the very specific nature of the event depicted, the landscape in the background is unrelated to Windsor Park and was probably painted in this style by Stubbs to conform to fashionable tastes of the time. The stag is also rather a curious hybrid, and it was actually painted out by one of Pigot’s relatives at a later date, though the overpainting was removed in 1960.