Battle Of Trafalgar by Steven Dews


Battle Of Trafalgar


Steven Dews

Ref GL066 C
Type Fine Art Canvas Print
Limited Editions This Limited Edition Gouttelette Canvas has been printed with lightfast inks onto fine archival-quality cotton canvas, coated with acid-free priming for permanent artwork reproduction. Limited Edition Size: 1805 Certified: Yes
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Trafalgar was the greatest battle of the age of fighting sail and marked a key turning point in Napoleon's campaign to secure European domination. Napolean's armies may have been all-conquering but the British had mastery of the seas. On October 21st 1805, the combined fleet of 33 French and Spanish ships, under the command of the French Admiral Villeneuve, was confronted by a fleet of 27 ships of the Royal Navy, led by Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson on board the Victory, off Cape Trafalgar, on the Spanish coast. Rather than fight broadside-to-broadside in two long lines, Nelson's unusual plan was to attack the French and Spanish line in two columns from the west and hope to break straight through the centre, effectively dividing the fleet and bringing the British into close action with the enemy, where their experience and superior gunnery would prevail. The focus of Steven Dew's remarkable painting is the moment at which Victory flanked by the Temeraire, broke through the enemy lines, sustaining and exchanging a severe pounding as she passed Villeneuve's French flagship Bucentaure, shown sailing out of the picture. This was just before the moment at which Nelson was first hit by the musket ball from which he would die four hours later, at the moment of his greatest victory.