Alfresco by Emanuel Phillips Fox




Emanuel Phillips Fox

Ref GM2480
Type Fine Art Print
Image Size 20" x 16" (50 x 40 cm)
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Al fresco is the first of E. Phillips Fox’s paintings that depict a family meal in an outdoor setting and it celebrates the graceful languor of the Edwardian era. The painting expresses Philips Fox’s delight in the contrasts of light and shade. Although interested in depicting the effects of flickering sunlight on solid objects, he maintained an academic approach. This image of a family dining outdoors presents a vision of elegant, leisurely life in Europe that appealed to, and was recorded by, a number of artists at the turn of the century. The stylishly dressed women and the happy child create a view of an untroubled life. Afternoon teas in the garden offered a break from the customary rigid dining etiquette that was an established part of Edwardian social behaviour. Tea in the garden was a liberating experience.